You have arrived in the world of Octilda Odds!


With a huge passion for illustration, character creation and  storytelling, Octilda loves developing whimsical vintagesque imaginary worlds  and exploring new ideas and ways to make art.


Octilda is versatile and fluent in many different techniques and styles, though especially enjoys mixing traditional and digital media and working with ink, watercolours and gouache. She is fond of colours and intricate details and is endlessly fascinated by fantasy and fairy tales and vintage and retro visuals.


Besides illustration she is interested in other forms of art and enjoys movies, animation, writing, photographing, music, singing, dancing and voice acting for fun.





Lahti Institute of Design and Fine Arts

Graphic design


Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Visual Arts

Drawing & painting, multimedia,

photography, film & animation, art history


Espoo School of Art

Drawing & painting, illustration,

multimedia & graphics, animation





International Art & Design Competition 2018


Accademia Riaci, Florence

April 2018


Parallax Art Fair


July 2017


Beta tester





Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign,

Adobe Illustrator, Paint Tool Sai



Ink, pencil, watercolour, gouache,

digital drawing, collage



Illustration, children book illustration, graphic design,

    character design, concept art, visual development